The Basics of the Word Window
Change in View
Changing your Document View:
Pull-Down Menus
Operating the new Pull-Down Menus
Using the Task Pane
Saving a New File
Save As Dialog Box
Saving a File Under a New Name
Backspace and Delete
Using Undo - Ctrl + Z
Using Repeat - Ctrl + Y
Cut, Copy, Paste
Working with Blocks of Text
Drag and Drop
Find and Replace
Spell and Grammar
Check Spelling as you Type
Check Grammar as you Type
Spelling and Grammar Dialog Box
Getting Started With Word 2003
Microsoft Word 2003 is the word processing application in the Microsoft Office Suite. Create professional-looking, formatted
text documents with this powerful Word processing software. Such documents as letters, flyers, and more.
Aligning Text
Line Spacing
Paragraph Dialog Box
Paragraph Spacing
Using Page Setup to Specify Margins
More Options on the Page Setup Dialog Box
Indent Text
Hanging Indents
The Ruler
Setting Tabs, Indents and Margins using the Ruler
Adjusting Tabs and Margins on the Ruler
Formatting Toolbar
Bold, Italics and Underline
Using Color
Font Dialog Box
Font Size
Bullets and Numbering
Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists
The Bullets and Numbering Dialog Box
Word 2003 Basics
Use of Symbols
Insert Symbols
Insert Headers and Footers
Header and Footer Toolbar
Delete Header and Footer
Why display non-printing characters?
Create a Text Box
Moving and Resizing Text Boxes
The Format Text Dialog Box
Working with Columns
Creating Columns Using the Columns Dialog Box
Working with Tables
Custom-Made Tables
Entering Text
Word 2003 Advanced Formatting
Creating and Modifying Diagrams and Charts
Insert a Hyperlink
Using AutoText
Printing Envelopes
Printing Labels
Tracking Changes
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Word 2003 Advanced Word Topics
Word Challenge Forms
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Many more tutorials and Programs to come.
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Teach Yourself
Introduction to Word Graphics
Drawing Objects
WordArt Drawing Objects
Formatting Drawing Objects
Editing Tables
Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows
Resizing Tables
Adding Borders
Add Shading
Inserting Clip Art
Inserting Pictures from your Computer
Moving Clips
Sizing Handles
Changing the Appearance of your Pictures
Inserting Comments
Viewing and Editing Comments
Compare and Merge Feature
Creating New Documents Using the Templates Feature
Using Mail Merge
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