The Excel Window
Workbooks and Worksheets
The Cell
Moving around the worksheet
Understanding File Terms
Creating a workbook
Saving a workbook
Opening a workbook
Closing a Workbook
Entering Text in a Cell
Editing Information in a Cell
Deleting Information in a Cell
Performing Undo and Redo
Selecting Multiple Cells
Cut, copy, paste defined
Copy and Paste Cell Contents
Moving Information Using Drag-and-Drop
About Formulas
Creating a Simple Addition Formula
Creating a Simple Subtraction Formula Using the Point-and-Click Method
Creating Simple Multiplication Formulas
Creating Simple Division Formulas
Complex Formulas Defined
Creating Complex Formulas
Filling Formulas to Other Cells
Copy and Paste Formulas
Revising Formulas
Creating an Absolute Reference
Using Functions
Excel's Different Functions
Finding the Sum of a Range of Data
Finding the Average of a Range of Numbers
Accessing Excel 2003 Functions
Excel Basics
Microsoft Excel 2003 is a spreadsheet application in the Microsoft Office Suite. A spreadsheet is an accounting program for
the computer. Spreadsheets are primarily used to work with numbers and text. Spreadsheets can help organize information,
like alphabetizing a list of names or ordering records, or calculate and analyze information using mathematical formulas.
Naming Worksheets
Inserting Worksheets
Deleting Worksheets
Grouping and Ungrouping Worksheets
Moving Worksheets
Copying Worksheets
Inserting a row
Inserting a column
Deleting columns and rows
Adjusting column widths
Adjusting row height
Inserting a cell
Deleting a cell
Merging cells
Using the Standard Toolbar to Align Text and Numbers in Cells
Changing Horizontal Cell Alignment
Changing Vertical Cell Alignment
Changing Text Control
Changing Text Orientation
Formatting Numbers in the Format Cells Dialog Box
Formatting Date in the Format Cells Dialog Box
Formatting Time in the Format Cells Dialog Box
Formatting Percentage in the Format Cells Dialog Box
Change font type, size and color
Underline, italics and bold
Design and apply styles
Adding a border to cells
Adding Color to Cells
Excel Worksheet Layout and Management
Understanding the Different Chart Types
Identifying the Parts of a Chart
Creating a Chart Using the Chart Tool bar
Creating an Embedded Chart
Creating a chart sheet
Moving a chart
Resizing a Chart
Deleting a Chart
Changing Chart Data
Changing the Chart Title
Changing the Data Series Names or Legend Text
Changing the Chart Type
Formatting the Chart Title
Formatting the Chart Legend
Formatting the Axis Labels
Changing the Data Series Color
Setting Page Margins
Changing the Page Orientation and Paper Size
Creating Headers and Footers
Creating Sheet Settings
Specify a print area
Preview a page before printing
Inserting and Removing a Page Break
Printing a Worksheet or Workbook
Excel Charting, Printing and Page Setup
Using AutoFilter
Sorting Lists
Inserting, Viewing, and Editing Comments
Inserting Hyperlinks
Formatting Worksheets
Applying and Modifying Cell Formats
Creating New Workbooks Using Templates
Excel Advanced Topics
Excel Challenge Forms
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